Texas PTA offers myPTEZ free membership management system

With former partners PTAvenue ceasing operation on Dec 31, 2019, Texas PTA announces that they have identified a comprehensive solution for our PTAs and are excited to partner with PTAEZ for cloud-based membership tracking and financial management tools.

Membership Tracking & JoinPTA.org Members
PTAEZ is working with Texas PTA to develop the free membership tracking component and anticipate a launch date of December 2019. Once they transition the processing for JoinPTA.org members to the internal system, Texas PTA will record those members in your PTA’s PTAEZ membership roster. Texas PTA is confident moving these processes to thier own database will help ensure accuracy and timely reporting.

Cloud-Based Financial Management
PTAEZ has an existing financial management system that is ready for any PTA wanting to begin their subscription. Texas PTA has provided PTAEZ with information to ease the setup of your account and will provide instructions later this week on how local PTAs can begin working with PTAEZ.