RRISD Employees wanting to serve in your Local or Council PTA:

Below are statements and policy regarding Round Rock ISD employees serving in volunteer organizations that serve Round Rock ISD schools and programs. Please note that some of the referenced policy comes from training materials that are aimed at Booster Club Organizations, and not all of such material applies to PTAs, however because PTAs are still volunteer organizations that serve the RRISD schools and programs, RRISD classifies PTAs in this same category when referencing policies that apply to RRISD employees.  Remember that the following policy is that of the Round Rock Independent School District, and not that of TxPTA, therefore, any further clarification needed on the following policy should be directed to Round Rock ISD.  ~Liz Cantrell, Council Treasurer

RRISD School Board Policy for Employees in Volunteer Organizations:

"Volunteer Organizations.  Employees are not permitted to serve in a financial capacity for a District parent or booster organization. Financial capacity is defined as treasurer, fund raising chair, check signer or any other function that involves the receipt and distribution of money." (see this link: Board Policy for volunteer organizations

"District employees are restricted in their handling of PTA/booster funds. They may not serve as a treasurer, fund raising chair, or check signer. They may, however, sell products or services individually so long as they are not in charge of a fundraiser or other collection of money from other members. Employees may individually sell and collect funds for such things as t-shirts, concessions, dance tickets, etc. (RRISD Booster Club Training, Slide 7)

"A District employee may not serve as a treasurer for the organization. However, they may serve in any other officer position so long as the bylaws do not designate that position to include check signing abilities, the individual is not established on bank and/or investment accounts as a check signer, or the individual does not serve in a role that involves receipt and/or distribution of money...." (RRISD Booster Club Training, Slide 8)  

RRISD Guidelines on Guest Educators (Substitute Teachers) handling funds for PTAs and Booster Clubs as Volunteers:

Round Rock ISD Guest Educators are not held to the same restriction as permanent RRISD employees in terms of handling funds for volunteer groups that support district schools and extracurricular programs because these Guest Educators do not hold permanent positions with the district.   (see RRISD Booster Club Training, Slide 7 ) However, Round Rock ISD recommends that Guest Educators holding year-long temporary positions refrain from acting in a financial capacity for volunteer groups supporting district schools and programs.

~Liz Cantrell, Round Rock Council of PTA's Treasurer