Round Rock ISD has required PTAs to fill out a fundraiser application form in the past that was the same form that their student organization sponsors had to fill out to apply for fundraising approval, and there were many parts to that form that did not apply to parent volunteer organizations. As a result, there was much confusion about whether or not our PTAs were required to fill the form out and what we were supposed to do about the parts that didn't apply to PTAs.

In response to that, I have created a new fundraising application form that is appropriate for parent volunteer groups, and have received District approval to distribute in place of the old form.  You will find that form here and in the Documents for local PTAs sidebar on the left side of the Resources Page.

Please note that this form was created for the District, and is for all practical purposes now a District form.  As Council, we do not have any responsibility or authority to enforce that our local PTAs use and submit this form, only the ability to direct them to it if they need it. 

~Liz Cantrell, Round Rock ISD Council of PTA's Treasurer