PTA Reflections 2017-2018



Through my 25 years of encouraging children to create entries for the Reflections program, I have seen many miracles.  I've seen young students burst with pride with just the accomplishment of taking a picture or writing a poem.  I've talked to many adults who remember their Reflections entry and how much it meant to them to share what they had done.  There's something about the creative process that gives us a feeling of positive self worth.  We want EVERY student to feel that!


Some ideas to share with students as they begin the creative process:

* Don't be critical of how it starts out - it doesn't have to be perfect.

* Don't worry about grammar or punctuation at first - just begin.

* Believe in yourself - you can do this!

* You don't have to take an art course to paint a picture - go for it!

* Use positive words to help them realize they have potential!

* Share the thought process of revision - when we revise something we create and then revise it again and again, it usually gets better and better!

* Everyone has talent - it is fun trying to do things you've never done before and finding what we like to do and what we are good at!


Can't wait to see what our capable and imaginative Texas students come up with this year!

LeAnne Ohlenburger

(You are welcome to use the posters and many other Reflections tools on this website in any way you can to encourage your students!)