Treasurer Tips

By now, your Executive Board has probably had their first meeting. RRISD Council of PTAs Treasurer Liz Cantrell has a few reminders and tips as we get settled into the school year. 

Has your 990 been filed with the IRS for last fiscal year? Remember that this is a requirement for your PTA to remain in good standing. Please send a copy of your acceptance confirmation along with a copy of your annual report to

Plans of Work: Treasurers use the plans of work to propose budget amendments at the first membership meeting of the year. There is a sample plan of work for the Treasurer in the BASICS Treasurer Resource Guide at

Tax Free Days: Have you set your tax-free days, yet? Fall fundraisers are a great time to use one of your two tax free days! As you are planning, keep in mind that designating a tax-free day re- quires a vote prior to the event.

Review Your Financial Procedures: Check your standing rules for any financial procedures and review them with your executive board as soon as possible. Be sure to share with your principal and faculty rep as well, so that your teachers will understand the process of requesting funds. Setting expectations at the beginning of the year is a great way to set your board up for success and help PTA business run smoothly.

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