Reminder: PT-Avenue closed down on December 31.

Data cannot be retrieved from PT-Avenue after December 31, 2019. will be offline until January 15, 2020. If your PTA would like to continue being listed on, your Treasurer needs to submit a new ACH. Please reach out to Council VP of Membership Shawn Dempsey at if you need assistance.

  • If your PTA is currently on and you wish to be listed for 2020, complete the secure ACH Authorization Agreement hereYour PTA will not be listed on the updated unless you complete this form. 
  • Do not remove your financial information from PT-Avenue or people will no longer be able to join your PTA online.

Not sure if your PTA has submitted the ACH form? Visit the Local Roster (column AT) here to verify. A checkmark means your PTA will be listed on in January. Keep in mind this report is updated manually by Texas PTA. It may take 7-10 days after your submission to see a checkmark.

More details can be found at Texas PTA

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